There would be always a choice in life. It’s either good or bad, but the most important thing that one can do is to choose good over bad, to value humanity over doctrines and religiosity.

Anglican Reverend defies odds as she fights and advocates for human rights to prevail in the Middle East where Israel has been massacring civilians in a protracted battle against Palestine. The consequences are unbearable, but the activist believes that the persecution she is getting from the church leaders are not equitable to the Palestinians suffering. Anglican Rev chose well over the bad but this did not spare her from the wrath of church leaders who ousted her from the church as they claim that she tarnishes them.

Odd but real, the Cape Town Anglican Reverend June Major (47) went on a week-long hunger strike in protest of the massacre of Palestinians by the Israelites in May. In an interview with Treasure ‘June who is also an active member of National Palestinian Coalition revealed that the church leadership was not happy for her support of Palestine. “I will not back down ---I know what I’m doing is right though I have faced serious persecution from some individuals within the church,“ said June. The 47-year old Reverend said she has been persecuted for her stance as an activist who advocates for human rights.

June told Treasure Magazine that she has already instituted a legal action against the Anglican bishop Thabo Makgoba and his leadership. June has a strong Christianity background. She grew up in the Anglican Church all her life and was ordained to be a priest 12 years ago.“Anglican Church supports the wellbeing of the people. During apartheid the likes of Desmond Tutu fought against oppression,” she said. She added that Anglican as church does not have any problems with her as she is fighting for “what is right.” She added that there are individuals within the church leadership who claim that she is “embarrassing the church” by fighting against the “chosen nation”.

June told Treasure Magazine that she “absolutely have no regrets” and “I have chosen what is right”. June added that the ‘crime’she is being persecuted for is to highlight the oppression which Palestinians are suffering in the hands of Israelites.June said she lost everything because she believes that the oppressed must be freed.

She added that what triggered her to speak against the oppression is that “as a priest in the middle of oppression”she could not just watch. In 2010 she was one of the people who founded the National Palestine Coalation—a group that advocates for the human rights and the freeing of Palestinians. In 2014 the group organised a huge march in Cape Town protesting about hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who were and still massacred by Israel. To keep quite for June it was “not acceptable” as she states that the bible itself does not encourage silence in times of oppression.

June has had a huge suffering for advocating for what is right—currently the bishop has refused to release “my documents” which made it difficult for her to get a job in South Africa or abroad. She added that—people in Christian environment grow with a strong belief of the “promised land”which is Israel. Therefore it is a reason enough for the Christian community to turn a blind eye on the “atrocities” and “genocide” that is taking place in Palestine.

June who does not have any source of income said she hopes that the court case she opened against the Anglican leadership will go smoothly so that she would be able to take care of herself. She said the charges she pressed are a “Civil charge for loss of income and my documents.” She told Treasure Magazine that she has also opened a criminal case against another priest who attempted to rape her.