14 & 15 December 2018
160 Exhibitors from all over South Africa
When you have a passion for something, the word “impossible” usually ceases to exist in your vocabulary. This is the case for Anwaaz Bent, who has followed his dreams as a hiker, allowing many others to walk in his footsteps
Mutton, lamb or chicken pieces are made into a dish very similar to curry and mixed through with rice. Basmati or long grain fragrant rice is best to use for this dish as with all rice dishes. Akhni is very often served at large gatherings and sometimes made over an open fire (BBQ). ...
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Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Light, fluffy and airy chocolate cake. Baked in a tube pan, this cake must be cooled upside down to retain their height.

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Salwaa's Bobooti

Bobotie is a typical South African dish. The origins of the name are not clear although in Indonesia ‘bobotok’ was an Indonesian dish consisting of meat with a ....

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Quinoa Casserole

Braise mince in a little ghee with chillies and ginger/garlic well.

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Beetroot Pudding

Braise the carrot, beet and coconut in ghee in a pressure cooker preferably.

I am a licensed open water diver. If I need extreme fun, ocean diving is an option...
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Christian church leader persecuted for supporting Palestine

There would be always a choice in life. It’s either good or bad,...

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Dance Moves for Health Lifestyle...

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Hard Work

Pays off for the young rugby player...

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Sugar & Spice

The venue was gleaming with crystal chandeliers as my mum and I sat in a prestigious wedding...

In today’s life a woman has the power to do anything she wants to do, be anything she wants to be, and to follow her dreams freely, ...
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Women standing together

The East used to be a place of mystery beauty, and is the heart of Islamic history...

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Helping Those In Need Despite Their Age

You don’t have to be fit as a fiddle to help those in need nor do you have to be a millionaire to give money to a worthy cause..

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Opening the heart and quietening the mind…

Treasure Magazine recently met with 27 year old Author, Adila Vahed who recently launched her first book titled “Get out of your Mind! 7 steps to creating long-term success & life-long fulfilment”

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All round sper mom

Flowers will always be a girl’s best friend. Sure enough diamonds last forever and chocolates makes things sweeter, but nothing comes close to a beautifully arranged bouquet...